Jawoco (2009 - 2011) – It all ends here...

It is difficult for us to let all of you know that Jawoco will now no longer be available to anyone.

Questions have been raised by many users and viewers, that why is Jawoco not live anymore? Since 2011, Jawoco is not under operations and later spin-off as an entertainment site due to security concerns. We were all this time aware of your complains and we were reading your feedback, trust us, we didn't ignore you.

Apparently, circumstances were at such that we had to slowly shut ourselves down due to privacy and data concerns. We reached more than 250,000 users a month, acquired SonicZooms back in 2009 to power our search, which led to a whole new journey of us. We grew 100% monthly but however due to data compliance and privacy issues, it became difficult for us to protect our users and stopped our growth.

In 2011, we were questioned for data protection and not sharing it with anyone unless it was National Security concern. However, our initiatives to protect private data failed which led us to shut down the company.

Our projects such as Xtravo OS, online storage platform, was forced to shutdown due to the same reasons along with other private projects.

However, in order to give back to the community, we have open source Xtravo Browser for Android and Windows. Feel free to use code or even prolong the legacy of First South Asian Browser.

We would like to apologize to all of you for not publicly announcing that we were not under operations since 2011. Due to security concerns, we had to make sure first that Jawoco is completely shutdown before we let everyone know about our legal issues.

We would like to thank everyone for their support and helping Jawoco to strive back and secure your online privacy.

Best Regards,

Jawoco Team